Video Evaluation & Instruction

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Let’s Fine Tune Your Skill

During this crazy time of COVID-19, your players may not be able to get instruction. Well, they can with me, personally, anytime of the day!

Basically, you video yourself swinging, fielding, throwing, pitching, base running and I will send a video back to you demonstrating and explaining what you need to do. We then have a follow up video or call where we talk about and answer questions about the feedback.

I have evaluated and coached DOZENS of players and evaluated at Top Showcase Events for over 15 years who have been drafted, hundreds who play in college and thousands of the Top High School and Little League players in the country:​

  • Baseball Factory
  • Headfirst Honor Roll Camp
  • Diamond Skills All-American Camp
  • DC Dynasty
  • BCC Select/Travel Tryouts

Most of my college and professional players get their repetitions in during the season, which has allotted time for me to help more youth players be able to get high quality instruction more often!

I have successfully been coaching through videos since 2018 and am excited to keep offering services to all ages and skill levels from never played to professional players.

Only $25 per video and less when you purchase package deals!
(hitting, pitching, defense & base running development)

Give it a try; you might just be happy with the results!

How Does it Work?

  • E-Mail or text me a quality video of your player for me to evaluate
  • I send a video back detailing and demonstrating the adjustments based on what I see from the video you send. I will demonstrate how to make the recommended adjustment(s) by explaining/demonstrating drills that the player can work on at home or next practice/game
  • We have a follow up phone call/ face-time to discuss any questions and plan for a future video session!
batting practice


Get a quality video of your player. Quality Video is video that I can see clearly and has been edited to the actual play.

  • Hitting Video: {3} Plate Appearances (walks/hits) in game situations or {20} swings in a batting cage/ off a tee/ dry cuts without a ball.*
  • Pitching Video: {1} Inning in a game situation or {20} pitches in practice/ at home/ dry mechanics
  • Base Running Video: A video of player on bases, taking leads, stealing, secondary leads, running on balls in play or player practicing base running at practice
  • Defensive Video: Pre-game warm-ups, infield/outfield before the game and if you are good enough to get game footage or video player at practice getting repetitions in

    * Video’s need to be edited to players actual at-bat or inning pitched. If the video is too long, I may ask to resend it to me after editing. ​Ideal view is behind the batter, off to the side, viewing the front of the batter (Example: See above, throwing BP to former Washington National, Jerry Hairston Jr.)​
batting practice


Register and ​pay using the registration and Paypal links below​

  • 1 Video $25.00
  • 10 Video’s $225.00
  • 25 Video’s $400.00
  • 2 Videos a week for a year, $2,000

*There are many kids I coach that can not afford this opportunity. Please consider donating to help me offer opportunities for awesome and deserving kids!

batting practice


Send video via:

Text: (240) 271-9344 or

Email: with the following information

*If you are sending game footage, the Additional Information needs to include: Players Name, Jersey #, Score/Inning of the game during scene Yours-theirs), Players performance up to that point (As much info as possible) What the coach says, so that I can be consistent in my assessment


Bryce Dawson, #33, 2-4/ bot. 5th

Bryce was 0-1 with a line-out to SS, hit it on a 2-2 pitch. OR Bryce came in to pitch in the 4th, down 2-3, gave up a walk and two errors later, the run scored.

Coach says, “he needs to keep his elbow up for more power. My son is not feeling comfortable with it and is not happy at the plate.”