RemerBall Instructional League & Pick-Up Instructional Games

Summer, 2024

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PlayBall Academy

RemerBall Instructional League & Pick-Up Games

Players show up and play a modified Play Ball Academy Staff Coach Pitch baseball or softball game that gives players a chance to be challenged, get more at-bats/playing time, get coached up through real game situations, make more defensive plays become more aggressive, and smarter base runner/runner. Play Ball Academy’s trained professional coaches are on the field, coaching players along the way!

RemerBall pickup game
RemerBall game
RemerBall baseball in Kensington MD
RemerBall baseball game

More Engaging


Players are Coached Through Real Situations


Learn Smart Ball & Run Play by Top Coaching Staff


No Experience Needed

Summer 2024

RemerBall Pick-up Games @ Wheaton Regional Park


  • $100 for 4 weeks
  • $25 for a pop-in game

    Dates (Tuesday’s):

    • May 21st- June 11th
    • June 18th- July 9th
    • July 16th- August 6th


    • Wheaton Regional Park (“Voted Nicest Field in MD,” 2022)


    • 6:00 pm- 7:30 pm (90-minute game) (2nd-5th graders)
    • 8:00 pm- 9:30 pm (90-minute game) (6th-12th graders)

    Summer 2024

    Instructional League Season with TPSS @ Capital View-Homewood Local Park-


    • $150 for 6 week season

      Dates (Sunday’s):

      • TBA


      • Capital View-Homewood Local Park


      • 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm
      • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

      6 week season
      Championship Week!
      Standings Kept, Pitching League, and Individual Awards

      Dear Families,

      In response to inquiries about practice schedules, we aim to facilitate your planning for the upcoming TPSS Spring Baseball season. Here’s a concise overview:

      • Practices are arranged by each volunteer coach, considering their availability and that of most families.
      • When registering, please indicate your preferred practice days.
      • Historically, practices occur on weekday afternoons or Sundays before games.
      • A practice location will be assigned based on the coach’s preferred day.
      • Our priority is flexibility in scheduling practice days to effectively accommodate coaches and families.

      We hope that answers your questions.

      Practices are important to repeat and hone the skills you will use each game day. They are also opportunities to develop friendships and team work.

      We hope to see you this Spring.

      Coach Jose

      PS: (register using the link below)

      Majors & Minors AA Combined
      Instruction and games play will be led by Coach Doug Remer, a professional coach with 20+ years of experience.

      Every team is guaranteed 4 games as well as the opportunity to play for a league championship as well as medal in skills competitions.

      All games will be played on Sundays. There will be one team practices on a week night or day that work for team families. Fields used will be in Silver Spring and or Takoma Park.

      Division Price: $150.00 – ends on 5/15/2024 at 12:00 AM.
      Register Now

      If you have questions about what it is, hit me up…

      (240) 271-9344

      Professional Coaching

      Best Instruction Available at ALL Games

      • Develops any age and level player, Proven to increase IQ, Skill & Confidence
      • Plays similar to a regular game with modifications proven to be more fun, fast-paced and safer, engaging EVERYONE at the game, maximizing game-like scenarios
      • 12-15 players per team allows for flexibility and scheduling so that each game we can have enough players to mix in pitching competition
      • Players leave the game excited for the next week because they know they will have MULTIPLE chances to have success!
      • Baseball/Softball Coaches pitch to batters keeps pace faster and gives hitters the chance to go up there swinging; Football Coaches provide skills to become a more dominant and knowledgeable football player & Learn how to play multiple positions
      PlayBall Academy Baseball Camp